MC2toPath: Translates information from netcdf files with MC2 output into inter-PVT transitions

Post processes MC2 output, especially for use by Path or ST-Sim. MC2 (short for "MC1 version 2") is a dynamic global vegetation model ( Path ( and ST-Sim ( are state-and-transition model (STM) engines. MC2 has a user website at Since 2001, MC1 has been used to simulate changes in natural vegetation due to climate change at scales from regional to global. In 2012, MC1 was reimplemented in C++ to make it faster and to reduce storage requirements. This newer version is referred to as MC2, an abbreviation of "MC1 version 2". Beginning in 2011, output from MC1 and MC2 has been used to inform regional state-and-transition model simulations by the U.S. Forest Service and the Washington State Department of Natural Resources. Projects to date have involved study areas in central Oregon, the Olympic Peninsula, the Blue Mountains ecoregion, southwestern Oregon, and southeastern Oregon. In the first of this series of projects, the netCDF output files from MC2 were manually post-processed, mostly in Excel, to produce input .csv files for the STM engines. Beginning with the second project, R scripts were used to automate the post-processing work. These R scripts have been collected into the MC2toPath R-package.

Version: 0.0.16
Imports: RNetCDF
Published: 2014-05-18
Author: Dave Conklin and Emilie Henderson
Maintainer: Dave Conklin <david.conklin at>
License: GPL-2
NeedsCompilation: no
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