Version 0.3.0

RSQLServer was archived by CRAN after dplyr v0.4 irredeemably broke the dplyr SQL Server backend provided by this package. Well we are back on CRAN and there have been a lot of changes since you last saw this package including improvements to the DBI backend, compatibility with the latest iteration of the dplyr/dbplyr backend and removing the reliance on RJDBC’s middleware.

The next version of this package will likely swap the jTDS driver for the official Microsoft JDBC driver and make further interface changes to better align with the more explicit interface specifications in the DBI package.

DBI backend

A number of changes have been made to improve DBI compliance as specified by tests in the DBItest package (#60):

A number of other changes have been made to the DBI backend:

dplyr/dbplyr backend

A number of changes were made to dplyr backend including a refactoring of its code across to the newer dbplyr package. As a result, dplyr >= 0.7.0 is required:


This package no longer depends on RJDBC. As such a number of user visible changes have been made:

A number of previously imported RJDBC methods have now been reimplemented in this package with no user visible changes.

Other changes

Version 0.2.0

Major changes


Other changes

Version 0.1.1

Version 0.1