gtools: Various R Programming Tools

Functions to assist in R programming, including: - assist in developing, updating, and maintaining R and R packages ('ask', 'checkRVersion', 'getDependencies', 'keywords', 'scat'), - calculate the logit and inverse logit transformations ('logit', 'inv.logit'), - test if a value is missing, empty or contains only NA and NULL values ('invalid'), - manipulate R's .Last function ('addLast'), - define macros ('defmacro'), - detect odd and even integers ('odd', 'even'), - convert strings containing non-ASCII characters (like single quotes) to plain ASCII ('ASCIIfy'), - perform a binary search ('binsearch'), - sort strings containing both numeric and character components ('mixedsort'), - create a factor variable from the quantiles of a continuous variable ('quantcut'), - enumerate permutations and combinations ('combinations', 'permutation'), - calculate and convert between fold-change and log-ratio ('foldchange', 'logratio2foldchange', 'foldchange2logratio'), - calculate probabilities and generate random numbers from Dirichlet distributions ('rdirichlet', 'ddirichlet'), - apply a function over adjacent subsets of a vector ('running'), - modify the TCP\_NODELAY ('de-Nagle') flag for socket objects, - efficient 'rbind' of data frames, even if the column names don't match ('smartbind'), - generate significance stars from p-values ('stars.pval'), - convert characters to/from ASCII codes.

Version: 3.5.0
Depends: R (≥ 2.10)
Published: 2015-05-29
Author: Gregory R. Warnes, Ben Bolker, and Thomas Lumley
Maintainer: Gregory R. Warnes <greg at>
License: GPL-2
NeedsCompilation: yes
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Reverse dependencies:

Reverse depends: ASMap, Biocomb, ClusterR, ConsRank, crossdes, dice, DisHet, GameTheory, genetics, GESTr, GSM, hier.part, HUM, iCluster, IDPSurvival, interferenceCI, iteRates, JASPAR, likeLTD, MasterBayes, MDplot, MetabolAnalyze, modMax, mudfold, muma, mvtmeta, ordBTL, orQA, PairViz, REQS, rmpw, rnaseqWrapper, rpsychi, rvHPDT, sensory, SRRS, trioGxE, Ultimixt, uqr, WMCapacity
Reverse imports: apmsWAPP, AutoModel, BayesFactor, blkbox, bootnet, BradleyTerry2, CoClust, CoImp, conting, cooptrees, datautils, dirichletprocess, drc, dynpanel, econullnetr, ecospat, eiwild, erp.easy, fastLink, flexsurvcure, gambin, gdata, genBart, GerminaR, GGMselect, gplots, gwdegree, hierfstat, HKprocess, icensBKL, idefix, IGM.MEA, imputeMulti, IntClust, kamila, knockoff, LEGIT, LINselect, LogicForest, MarkowitzR, mau, mcMST, meaRtools, melviewr, metaMix, MFKnockoffs, minimaxdesign, mixedMem, modcmfitr, mopa, MuViCP, nima, NSM3, paleobioDB, phenopix,, PLMIX, PolyPatEx, polySegratioMM, PSW, qgraph, r4ss, randomUniformForest, RankAggreg, RCPmod, RegularizedSCA, reservoir, RevEcoR, RI2by2, Rlda, rmetasim, rubias, SensoMineR, SGP, shinystan, sisus, smart, sourceR, ss3sim, STEPCAM, supcluster, svs, TcGSA, trialr, TROM, veccompare, vortexR, vqtl, windfarmGA
Reverse suggests: DOBAD, fdapace, gmodels, HistData, LSAmitR, MetaQC, nonparaeff, paleofire, QFASA, R.filesets, rattle, sensitivity, sirt, vhica


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