kableExtra 0.7.0 * Now HTML table will be previewed in Viewer panel * Added HTML color code support to kableExtra * Added footnote as a more flexible replacement for add_footnote. Add_footnote will be kept maintained for a while. * Fixed bug #105: bold/italic/monospace cannot accept T/F as vector * Added extra_css to cell_spec, row_spec & column_spec * Fixed bug #88: add_footnote doesn’t support full width * Added hline_after and extra_latex_after to row_spec #101 * Improved warning message for kables not in html or latex * Added latex_hline to collapse_rows so users can choose from full, major or none * Added strikeout and underline to column_spec, row_spec and cell_spec. * Added extra_css to column_spec, row_spec and cell_spec. * Added a vignette about how to copy tables from HTML to Word. * Change some read_xml to read_html * Added scale_from to some spec_tools * Quite a few minor bug fixes

kableExtra 0.6.1

kableExtra 0.6.0

kableExtra 0.5.2

kableExtra 0.5.1

kableExtra 0.5.0 (a big LaTeX update)

kableExtra 0.4.0

kableExtra 0.3.0

kableExtra 0.2.1

kableExtra 0.2.0

kableExtra 0.1.0