CRAN Task View: Cluster Analysis & Finite Mixture Models

Maintainer:Friedrich Leisch and Bettina Gruen
Contact:Bettina.Gruen at

This CRAN Task View contains a list of packages that can be used for finding groups in data and modeling unobserved cross-sectional heterogeneity. Many packages provide functionality for more than one of the topics listed below, the section headings are mainly meant as quick starting points rather than an ultimate categorization. Except for packages stats and cluster (which ship with base R and hence are part of every R installation), each package is listed only once.

Most of the packages listed in this CRAN Task View, but not all are distributed under the GPL. Please have a look at the DESCRIPTION file of each package to check under which license it is distributed.

Hierarchical Clustering:

Partitioning Clustering:

Model-Based Clustering:

Other Cluster Algorithms:

Cluster-wise Regression:

Additional Functionality:

CRAN packages:

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