CRAN Task View: Official Statistics & Survey Methodology

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This CRAN task view contains a list of packages that includes methods typically used in official statistics and survey methodology. Many packages provide functionality for more than one of the topics listed below. Therefore this list is not a strict categorization and packages can be listed more than once. Certain data import/export facilities regarding to often used statistical software tools like SPSS, SAS or Stata are mentioned in the end of the task view.

Complex Survey Design: Sampling and Sample Size Calculation

Complex Survey Design: Point and Variance Estimation and Model Fitting

Complex Survey Design: Calibration

Editing and Visual Inspection of Microdata

Editing tools:

Visual tools:


A distinction between iterative model-based methods, k-nearest neighbor methods and miscellaneous methods is made. However, often the criteria for using a method depend on the scale of the data, which in official statistics are typically a mixture of continuous, semi-continuous, binary, categorical and count variables. In addition, measurement errors may corrupt non-robust imputation methods. Note that only few imputation methods can deal with mixed types of variables and only few methods account for robustness issues.

EM-based Imputation Methods:

Nearest Neighbor Imputation Methods

Copula-based Imputation Methods:

Miscellaneous Imputation Methods:

Statistical Disclosure Control

Data from statistical agencies and other institutions are in its raw form mostly confidential and data providers have to be ensure confidentiality by both modifying the original data so that no statistical units can be re-identified and by guaranteeing a minimum amount of information loss.

Seasonal Adjustment and Forecasting

For a more general view on time series methodology we refer to the TimeSeries task view. Only very specialized time series packages related to complex surveys are discussed here.

Statistical Matching and Record Linkage

Small Area Estimation

Indices, Indicators, Tables and Visualisation of Indicators


Additional Packages and Functionalities

Various additional packages are available that provides certain functionality useful in official statistics and survey methodology.

Data Import and Export:


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